Blurred Lines of Consent

let's talk about sex

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, 7 p.m. Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent is hosting The Blurred Lines of Consent: An Expert Panel. This energetic, sex-positive event is not only the launch of the made-at-Laurier Consent is Golden: Do you get it? campaign, it is also an opportunity for us to all pull together to work towards creating a culture of consent at Laurier. There’s been so much inspiring momentum to end gendered violence at Laurier and this is a chance to help through your presence and/or spreading the word.

This discussion will be moderated by Lynn Kane, Gendered Violence Task Force Coordinator!

We have some amazing speakers lined up:

Rebecca Godderis

o   Gendered Violence Faculty Colleague at WLU

Stephen Soucie

o   Program Coordinator at Male Allies Against Sexual Violence (MAASV)

Stacey Jacobs

o   Community Sexual Health Educator at Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region

Karly Rath

Student, and co-founder of Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent (ASCC)

Not only will we be defining consent and talking about how to give/ask/withhold it, we will be delving into the complexities that we know people struggle with in practice. Some of these grey areas include hooking up with drugs or alcohol in your system, falling into a routine/expectations in a long-term relationship, and whether agreeing to fooling around even though you don’t want to is consenting.

This event will be the first night we start promoting our Consent is Golden campaign, the huge project that ASCC, Not my Laurier, LSPIRG, Students’ Union, the Gendered Violence Task Force, Healthy Lifestyles, the Centre for Women and Trans People and other partners have been working on for months.

We really want to educate as many people as possible and regardless of education level on this topic, everyone can learn how to practice consent better.

The event will be at Laurier Waterloo at the Paul Martin Centre, and will be streamed to the Brantford Students’ Union Boardroom in the Student’s Centre. Members of the community are also welcome!

Please see our Facebook event, found here, and our posters:

What if We’re Both Wasted

But We’re Dating Already

How Drunk is Too Drunk


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