Gender, Trauma and Incarceration

The F Word invites you to attend a public talk about “Gender, Trauma and Incarceration” by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back on Monday, October 28 at 8:00 pm in SCJ 127.

Kelly Rose Pflug-Back is a writer, social activist and Laurier Brantford student. Her fiction, poetry and articles have appeared in places like Canadian Woman Studies, This Magazine, Write, The Huffington Post and many others. She has worked with a variety of harm reduction and anti-poverty initiatives including the Prisoner AIDS Resource Action Network, the Peterborough AIDS Resource Network and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. During 2012-2013 she served eight months in jail for involvement in Toronto’s G20 summit protests. Her first book of poems, These Burning Streets, was published with Combustion Books in 2012.

Pflug-Back will  discuss how the vast majority of incarcerated women in Canada, especially those who are Indigenous, report being survivors of intimate partner abuse, rape, childhood sexual abuse and other forms of gender violence. For women in prison, past experiences of trauma are often compounded by structural and direct forms of violence such as the denial of adequate health care, racial profiling, solitary confinement and physical and sexual abuse by prison staff. By understanding the relationship between patriarchal violence and the incarceration of women, we can enhance our understanding of the ways in which criminalization has lasting adverse affects upon women’s physical and mental health and safety, leaving them more vulnerable to future abuse, marginalization and further conflict with the law.

For more information, contact the F Word committee at


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