Feminism can’t be just for white women

When blogger Mikki Kendall created #solidarityisforwhitewomen, she didn’t realize the trending topic would go global. Nor did she realize the silence from some major feminist media outlets would be so loud. The silence is deafening, but not surprising. This is a conversation many feminists of color have had for years in a number of spaces. Lecture halls. Coffee shops. Hair salons. It is one that nags and bewilders us because the solution, though simple, seems out the realm of possibility.

But “becoming a better ally” doesn’t rank high on the priority lists of most professional feminists. They quote Steinem, Greer, and hooks in television appearances and blog posts while the outlets they represent are often as diverse as the cast of “One Tree Hill.”  And when feminists of color raise legitimate concerns, we’re accused of jealousy and hate and haughtily dismissed.

Monday morning brought the storm to a head.

Read the whole story in Salon.com.


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