Twitter’s refusal to address harassment and abuse spark protests, boycotts

Tens of thousands of people are signing their name to a petition demanding Twitter do more to protect its users.

Dozens of people are flooding the social network with stories of rape threats, relentless attacks and stalking. Each of them say Twitter has done nothing to address concerns for their safety or shut down the offending accounts.

The latest salvo in the war over abusive content on Twitter started in the U.K. where Caroline Criado-Perez recently won a campaign to include prominent women on English currency. She was then subjected to a 12-hour attack from hundreds of people attempting to silence her.

“It is a problem involving a certain type of man who can’t cope with a woman being vocal and being in the public eye. They deal with it by shutting women up with threats of sexual violence. It is nothing new, it has been going on for millennia; this is just its most recent incarnation,” Criado-Perez told The Independent.

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