Rumana Monzur overcomes violent domestic attack and loss of sight to get Master’s degree

Two years after surviving a domestic attack that shocked the world, Rumana Monzur refuses to let go of her dreams.

The University of British Columbia student was blinded in a brutal attack by her former husband while visiting Bangladesh in June 2011. After a painful adjustment to life without sight, Monzur is getting her life back on track, and will not be defined by violence.

This month marks two major milestones in Monzur’s recovery: The successful defense of her Master’s thesis, and acceptance to law school at UBC, which she hopes will enable her to help other victims of violence find justice.

“If you told me I’d be finishing my Masters and entering law two years ago, I would have just laughed – or maybe just cried,” says Monzur, who lives on UBC’s Vancouver campus. “Lying in the hospital, it just felt like my dreams were over. The idea of finishing this program just seemed impossible.”

Read more about Monzur’s story here.


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