Pro-choice and pro-life: What three abortions have taught me

Doctor Henry Morgentaler died last week. Canada’s media buzzed with extremes from anti-abortion and pro-choice mouthpieces. While I’m sure his family and friends mourned the loss of a multi-faceted man, the rest of us saw only the public face of the man, and either grieved or celebrated the death of our symbol for the debate on abortion and women’s rights.

Me? I’m anti-abortion, but pro-choice. Pro-life but anti-legislation. It’s always been hard for me to settle on just one label. But before you go all how-dare-you righteous on me, just listen to my credentials: I’ve had three abortions. That means I’m qualified to speak on the subject. Only two were therapeutic, but still . . . three abortions. I’m definitely anti-abortion now — I’ll never have another one, and probably wouldn’t even if I could. Maybe my story explains why.

Read Mary J. Gordon’s story in the Toronto Star.


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