#OccupyPatriarchy: Why feminists should care about the occupy movement

As a feminist activist and an occupier, I have not felt any disconnect between the two roles. I am a feminist because I want to actively work to eradicate the systemic oppression of women and people of color. I am an occupier because I want to see an end to sexism, racism, poverty, our criminal justice system, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the dehumanizing exploitative nature of our neo-liberal capitalist system. I am a feminist occupier because I want to confront all systems of privilege, to actively work to change our society to one free of all inequality, that recognizes and seeks to end all intersecting forms of oppression, that equally redistributes power and wealth, and works to create a new world in which every human being is valued and has access to adequate food, fair wages, health care, education.

In the Occupy movement, we must examine the system – how and why corporations exploit hierarchies of race, gender, and national status to increase their power and wealth. When we look at the 1%, we see not only a huge amount of wealth (one-fourth of the nation’s income), we also see predominantly straight, white men whose economic and political power is upheld by patriarchy, white privilege, and heteronormativity.

Read the full story at FeministCampus.org.


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