Fun, Feisty, Feminism…WTF?!

Ever wonder what feminism is? Join The F-Word at a special reception to launch the Find Your Feminism poster series, featuring students, staff, and faculty at Laurier Brantford explaining what feminism means to them. All campus and community members welcome!

After the reception, The F-Word hosts Dr. Susan Knabe, of the University of Western Ontario, with a public talk entitled “Fun, Feisty, Feminism…WTF?!” How do we find and forge feminist practice in the age of sound bites, social media, and sexualization? Dr. Knabe will speak about how we can draw on historical and contemporary examples of feminist interventions, from the early Suffragette pantomimes to the slut walk phenomenon, to imagine a different approach to feminist education and practice that speaks to feminists and non-feminists of all ages.

We’re Talking Feminism.

When: Tuesday, March 6th
When: 6-7 pm (reception), 7-8:30 pm (talk)
Where: RCW Lobby (reception), RCW 202 (talk)
Who: All members of the Laurier Brantford community, whether you identify as a feminist or not!
Cost: Free of charge and open to the public


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