Yale Could Just Say No to Covering Up Rape

How many cases were brought forward at Yale in the last six months? Twenty-nine: you can access the report here. Well, I am sobered too, because I have never seen a campus committee work so efficiently to cover up sex crimes on campus. Out of 5,000 students, that would make the rate of “sexual misconduct” — which includes a lot of noxious, sexist and violent behaviors that are not felony rape — at .0058. This would put Yale so far below other estimates of the frequency of felony rape on college campuses that I would like to suggest the send the report to the Department of Justice with a laugh track. This report from the DOJ in December 2000 estimated that a campus should expect 350 rapes for every 10,000 women. Roger Williams College goes with the conventional number, which is that one in four women will be sexually assaulted before they graduate.

OK, I’ll just say it: Yale, I don’t believe you.

Read the full post at The Chronicle.


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