Australian tampon commercial offends transgendered community

In an effort to capture the attention of its viewing audience an Australian tampon company has angered the global transgendered community.

A Libra tampon commercial features two blonds— one a real woman, the other an obvious impersonator — fixing their makeup and adjusting their clothes in the mirror of a nightclub washroom. Though they are equals as they apply mascara and lip gloss, when the real woman plucks a Libra tampon from her purse, the statuesque drag queen becomes infuriated and leaves in a huff. The spot ends with the tagline “Libra gets girls.”

While it has always been a challenge for advertisers to create television commercials for feminine hygiene products — with their efforts often being been spoofed by comedians — the Libra ad is being described as insensitive and decidedly not funny by some transgendered people who call the campaign “transphobic.”

The not-too-subtle implication is that transgendered women are not real because they don’t menstruate.

Read the whole story and watch the video in the Toronto Star.


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