A father’s plea: what should my 13-year-old daughter be reading?

Recently, we got the following email:

I should start by stating that I’m a fan. A big fan. And my email address is correct, I’m a guy. Straight, which I think puts me on the fringe of the “jezeboy” club, but I would be a card carrying member if there were cards. Anyway, I love Jezebel. You write with passion and intelligence; a rare combination on the web. A combination of traits I’d love to instill in my little girl.

I’m writing because my daughter is 13 this year, and I don’t know what to get her for Christmas. Last year I got her a Judy Blume anthology (among other things) and she loved it; I think she’s gone through it twice. I can’t recall what books are in it, and it would give away too much if I asked her. I don’t want to repeat myself with another Judy Blume collection, even though I think she’s due for Are You There God… I think they were a little too juvenile for her current tastes; I want to challenge her a bit. I don’t have any sisters, and my wife is in an age demographic above me (a story for another email) so she doesn’t really know.

So I’m asking for your help. I think the writing on your site is some of the best on the web. It transcends simple commentary. If my daughter becomes as talented a writer and critic as you and the other Jezebel writers, I will die an very happy papa. And if it that means writing a pleading email to a site that gets millions of hits a month for a tiny breadcrumb of inspiration, so be it.

Read the full story, and the reading recommendations, at Jezebel.com.


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