Women’s group cries foul over ‘creepy’ baseball logo they say references Jack the Ripper

A new professional baseball team is trying to create some buzz in London, Ont., but not all of it is turning out to be positive.

The minor league London Rippers introduced their logo this week — a nefarious-looking man in a black top hat and cloak holding a baseball in one hand and a bat in the other….

But some say the name and logo together are a reference to Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer of women, who terrorized east-end London, England, in the late 1880s.

London Mayor Joe Fontana said in a statement he has “serious concerns” about the name “in light of our focus on ending woman abuse” and said he plans to speak to the owner about changing it.

Megan Walker, executive director of the London Abused Women’s Centre, said Thursday it’s not so much the name of the team but the “very creepy-looking man” in the logo that puts it over the line.

The new logo was introduced with the tagline: “Lurking in Labatt Park this spring,” she added.

Read the full story in the Globe and Mail.


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