Feminism more important than ever on campus

Check out this great article by Leisha Senko about the F-Word committee at Laurier Brantford in the Brantford Expositor:

One would be hard-pressed to argue that feminism hasn’t undergone a bruising rebranding process in the late 20th and earlier 21st centuries.

A cause that was once seen as a vital, albeit “unladylike,” venture is now being scoffed at as completely unnecessary and the modern-day antithesis to what a woman should aspire to represent.

For many young people, including students at Laurier Brantford, this trend of thought is a disturbing one. With an approximate student ratio of seven women to three men, the liberty and equality of women is a topic that greatly affects those on campus.

“It seems to be considered problematic and I think even I –when I was an undergraduate in university –thought feminism meant maybe you’re a man-hater and that it was something really radical,” says Tarah Brookfield, a Laurier professor who teaches history and contemporary studies.

“I came to understand it’s more about equality and fairness for everyone… but I understand that the word, especially in pop culture, is mocked and criticized.”

Read the full story in the Brantford Expositor.


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