Activists respond to transphobic National Post ad

Social media outlets lit up on Sept 29 after a transphobic ad from the Institute for Canadian Values ran in the National Post.

The ad revives the “” campaign that launched last year to protest proposed revisions to the physical and health education curriculum that would include more sex education for younger children.

Under a picture of a young girl, the ad asks “Please don’t confuse me. I’m a girl. Don’t teach me to question if I’m a boy, transexual [sic], transgendered, interesexed, or two spirited [sic].”

The ad calls on the leaders of the three major Ontario parties competing in the Oct 6 election to “stop teachers from confusing” the little girl, as she “face[s] enough in the world already.”

Read the full story at

UPDATE: The National Post issues an apology and will donate proceeds from the offending ad to a GLBTQ organization.


4 thoughts on “Activists respond to transphobic National Post ad

  1. kelly says:

    Hey, I’m a student at Laurier Brantford and I just did a research article on queering sex education for The Dominion Paper. It’s on the front page story for their next issue, is there a way I could distribute copies around campus through F-Word Brantford?


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